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Identity/Logo Design

Center for Addiction Treatment


For more than 50 years, the Center for Chemical Addiction Treatment (CCAT) has provided tools for lifelong sobriety; however, its brand had not kept pace with treatment advancements.

We recommended against a total name change since there was brand equity in “The CCAT House” within the recovery community. So, we simplified it to “Center for Addiction Treatment,” to broaden its focus while allowing the organization to retain the nickname “CAT.”

The new logo — depicting three people with arms on each other’s shoulders — represents key stakeholders in recovery: the patient, the treatment center and the recovery support community.

“The Marketing Pack gives very personalized and focused customer service. They are super creative and have great ideas for reaching our customers. They work within our budget and meet deadlines. The best!”

Nancy Blamer, Development Manager

Center for Addiction Treatment


Additional Logo Examples

Logos are more than images. They represent brands and become a memorable symbol of what the brand stands means. When we approach a brand identity project we start with asking how our clients want their brands to make people feel.   

Fortfind Logo (color).jpg
Created name and logo for this counseling center focused on finding the talents within individuals to fortify organizations.
Crimson Production Studios

Created logo for LA-based film and TV production studio.

Creative Incentives & Promotions
Updated brand for sales incentive client; currently building website.
Civil Solutions logo 2019_color.png
Civil Solutions
This engineering firm's logo emphasizes its focus on "below the ground" stabilization work. 
Pontem Leap
This logo represents a collaboration of educational partners, businesses and industry focused on advancing the workforce of the future.
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