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Public Relations



Media attention is critical for agencies like OvareGroup who want to amp up their brand across a variety of industries.


We manage public relations for this group of agencies by pitching stories to local and national media and by positioning their subject matter experts as authorities in their respective disciplines.

Additional Public Relations Work

With staff cuts continuing to affect newsrooms across the U.S., getting a reporter's attention isn't easy, even if the story is great. But our team, which includes two former reporters, knows how to break through the clutter and get headlines for clients!

The Urology Group
We leveraged the regular media attention generated by breast cancer stories to highlight an important link to prostate cancer, resulting in this full-page story in the Cincinnati Enquirer.
BT signing day.PNG
Rhinestahl Corporation
In support of Rhinestahl's affiliation with the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership, we highlight events that promote high-paying jobs and apprenticeships with leading local advanced manufacturers.
Enquirer one.png
The Urology Group
Our event drew the largest gathering of WWII veterans outside of Pearl Harbor on the 75th anniversary of the attacks. 
We hear things in board rooms and consider how those initiatives could become headlines. Good PR takes a creative mind, the right contacts and the ability to think like a reporter.  
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