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St. Bartholomew Church

The most effective way to ask for financial support is by demonstrating real impact on real lives.  


This 32-page report we designed served as both an annual report and and appeal piece. It's unique size (8.5” x 5.5” folded) made it manageable for distribution to parishioners during services.


We developed the "Your hands in our future" theme and selected photos that complemented this message. Here's how the theme was then extended to church's online strategic plan


Additional Publication Samples

Our writers and designers understand they have limited time and space to make an impression and get the response they need in a direct mail campaign. So, with postage costs continuing to rise, every piece has to make an impact! 

The Urology Group
We suggested our client do something to mark their 20 years serving patients. We wrote content, took photos and designed this 32-page piece, which is now used to recruit new physicians and educate patients.
Saint Luke Institute

We produce fund-raising materials and annual reports for this non-profit counseling center.

A business-to-business report, this magazine involved multiple authors and coordination. We handled all of the internal design work, including infographics.
FFB Conversion book.PNG
First Financial Bank
This booklet demonstrates our ability to manage detailed information coming from multiple sources along multiple timelines. 
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