The Un-Agency Approach

The Marketing Pack is a network of independent marketers and creatives who have proven ourselves in the world of freelancing but know true strength comes when we band together. 

Like an agency, we have a wide breadth of experience and skills. We know how marketing pieces and parts fit together. Many of us have also worked on the client side, facing limited budgets and a lot of pressure from the top. That combined understanding makes us strong.


We don’t let planning interrupt doing.

Some agencies charge clients for a lot of planning. Don’t get us wrong. Everyone needs a plan to know where they’re heading and how to get there.


But, we believe in keeping things simple, so clients get to the marketing finish line sooner.


Our five basics:

  1. Determine focus – You might have a lot to offer, but with limited budgets, which services, solutions or products will be your focus?

  2. Articulate strengths – What makes you better or different from competitors? Figure out how to prove those strengths and you’re halfway to messaging!

  3. Watch competitors – Every business has competition—even if the competition is “doing nothing” by your prospects. Keep an eye on them, but focus on your advantages.

  4. Select channels – Where are your prospects and customers? What do they read? What or who influences them? Choose the right media to amplify your message.

  5. Develop creative – Many businesses start here (and unfortunately fail at marketing). We know the most effective content and creative is based on supporting steps 1-4.


We’ll add a sixth (even though in marketing five sounds better) and that’s measure. Measure what’s working and tweak what’s not. Map metrics back to your original goals and that’s what we call no-nonsense marketing.


The Marketing Pack…practical, get-it-done marketing by proven professionals

    What you get when you run with The Marketing Pack

Lower rates

You only pay for what you need. We don’t have rent, utilities or salaries to pay; therefore, your costs are immediately lower.

Marketers who make things happen

Since we manage our own time and businesses, we’re more responsive, nimble and quick. We happily work evenings, weekends and holidays if that’s what it takes.

Generationally balanced marketing

Senior Pack members tend to balance marketing strategies through a practical sense. Younger members eagerly explore uncharted territory. You get the best of both worlds!

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