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5 Years Strong

LinkedIn has a way of reminding people when we’ve reached a work milestone, which the platform dutifully did for us two weeks ago with a 5-year work anniversary shout out. Thanks again for all the kudos.

Well today, February 1, is the official day we at The Marketing Pack pause and reflect on the birth of our agency. There were just four of us back then…Abbey, Laura, Tim and me. And now, with the addition of our newest member, David Gerndt, we are 16 strong.

Our blogging may not be a frequent as we recommend our clients do, but I hope this one serves as an expression of sincere gratitude for all who have made The Marketing Pack successful.

First, to our wonderful clients…who are now a group of 20 companies we are fortunate enough interact with nearly every week. Your trust in our capabilities – from marketing strategy and content development to graphic design and website magic – means the world to us.

Second, to our families and friends, who put up with a lot of late nights of, “I’ll be there in a second. I have just one more email…” Thanks for your support and patience.

And finally, to every one of our pack members who gives all they’ve got and makes coming to work fun. Your dedication to the work we do reminds me the reason we chose this path and makes me want to stay walking (sometimes running) on it daily.

As our mantra goes, The strength of the wolf is the pack. The strength of the pack is the wolf. Glad to be part of such a fine pack of marketing professionals. Thanks for the first five years, and here’s to the next!

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