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A 5-year journey…with amazing clients, colleagues, and friends

I couldn’t let the day close without acknowledging that TODAY is the 5-year anniversary of The Marketing Pack. What an amazing journey!

I want to thank all of our clients. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating anything today. You trust us to be stewards of your brands every day, and that’s a role we never take lightly. Some, like The Urology Group and Creative Incentives, have been with us from the beginning. Others, like OpX Solutions and TechSolve just joined in the past few months. Thank you all for believing in us and for becoming more than clients. Many of you we now call dear friends.

Thanks to our partners outside The Marketing Pack – Graphic Village, LaunchPad Digital, WebSprockets, Big Media Studies, and more. You provide a seamless experience for our clients and make our offerings that much more complete.

Now to my friends in The Pack. Each one of you has amazing talent. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks for your creativity and flexibility. And thanks for taking our client relationships seriously but still having fun in the process. The Pack just wouldn’t be complete without each of you: Lisa, Kristine, Bernie, Gary, Chris, Jill, Kate, Steve, Tera, Tim and Todd. (A special nod to Steve for being patient with all my late work nights and making sure I never go hungry! LOL!)

And finally, to the two brave women who both encouraged me long before 2017 to start The Marketing Pack and who continue to travel this road by my side. Laura and Abbey, you are the light at the end of some hectic days but, more importantly, the creative energy that has brought us to this place in 2022. Your countless hours behind-the-scenes make us better and stronger. Words just aren’t enough – but THANK YOU!

I guess it’s the sign of a successful company when the anniversary blog doesn’t get written until close to midnight – but hey, we have a lot of important client work to do right now!

So, with that, I’ll end by saying, “Bring it on, 2022. We’re ready for you and for at least 5 more!”

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