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And so it begins...

I'm sitting at my desk (yup, it’s midnight), taking in the image of our new website. This is the first official day of business for The Marketing Pack! I’m really excited about the opportunities ahead, for The Pack and for our clients.

Members of The Pack are not new to marketing. Nor are we new to the rewards—and challenges—of being freelancers. After all, we each made a conscious decision at some point in our career to follow our heart and work independently.

What IS new is the realization that we are no longer in this alone. The Marketing Pack allows us to engage each other and to collaborate more intentionally and frequently. Now, we walk in a Pack, giving our clients more marketing power than ever.

Our model gives clients some real and tangible benefits. Check out “Why Follow the Pack” and we think you’ll understand.

So, in being true to ourselves, and with one great big "howl" we're ready to go!

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