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Change the Date: Managing events in a down economy

This has been a particularly challenging time for companies planning events. With nearly all in-person group events cancelled or deferred due to COVID-19, you may be wondering:

  • Is it more feasible to reschedule our event or skip it all together (what about that signed contract with the venue)?

  • What are the optics of holding the company celebration we had planned for the fall, even if all our workers are back on the job by then?

  • How can we generate the donations that weren't raised after we had to cancel our fundraiser?

  • Are there less-expensive ways to host a future event in case something like this happens again?

What to consider now:

Once the market recovers, event space will be at a premium. Weighing now the pros and cons of your event options will enable you to make a quick but informed decision about your event, without losing the attention of your customers, donors or whoever your guests may be.

Free offer:

Through the month of April, we’re offering a free phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) to serve as a sounding board as you weigh your event options. We’ll brainstorm alternative ideas for your event, should you decide to defer it, and send our suggestions to you so that you’re prepared to make an informed recommendation to your leadership team.

Contact me if you're interested:

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