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Preventing loneliness among growing elderly population

There are more than 1.2mm charities and foundations registered with the Internal Revenue Service, with causes that range from medical and social to environment and political and beyond.

Something that all of them have in common is the need to reach their constituents: those who are beneficiaries of services or support from the organizations as well as volunteers and benefactors who ensure the continuation of that support.

The Marketing Pack is proud of the pro bono work we do for one particular nonprofit, Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE). What started in the French countryside in 1946 as an organization to serve isolated and lonely elderly people who had lost their families in in the war is now a worldwide effort to address the issues of isolation and loneliness among a rapidly growing elderly population.

I begin volunteering for the Cincinnati chapter of LBFE in 2008, visiting with the elderly, serving on their Board of Directors and even travelling to France for their international summit in 2018. Four other Pack members have joined the cause, offering their talents to projects ranging from social media, graphic design, video production and event planning to our latest venture, the launch of their new website:

During this upcoming season of giving, if you’re wondering where your dollars or your volunteer hours might make a huge difference, I would ask you to check them out. To say it’s an organization that changes lives is an understatement. Just as

k Florence, Larry, Roberta, Joe, Jim or Darlene, a few of the wonderful old friends I’ve met. They'll tell you that LBFE makes the difference between sitting alone, day after day, in an apartment and meeting up with friends to share a laugh, a story, a song or a hug with a friend.

Elderly friendships from nonprofit
My old friend, Jim, showing off a piece of his artwork that was auctioned off.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly gala
Pack members Abbey, Kate, Laura and Carol plan LBFE's annual gala.

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